Monday, February 19, 2024

Brooklyn Bird Club GBBC Walk Feb 18th

Leader Tina Alleva

Hi Peter,

We had about 10 participants on this frigid morning for the Great Backyard Bird Count. Due to the overnight freeze, which made some areas slippery, we opted for safety and stayed on the main roads and clear paths, which limited the areas we could access.
As people arrived, Angie Co spotted an adult Bald Eagle soaring over the lullwater, likely the same one frequently observed in the park. After about two hours, the cold prompted us to conclude a bit earlier than planned. However, as we were leaving, we received news that the Rufous Hummingbird had reappeared. A few of us that were left were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it before departing.

Here is our checklist:

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. "

Camille Pissarro,19th c artist, father of Impressionism


Monday, February 5, 2024




Leader :Peter Dorosh

A Long Island Railroad trip 

Hilight Bright sun ( after none for past 10 days), 12 species Duck waterfowl inc Pintails, GW Teals,etc

Mileage walked  4.85

Trip checklist ( courtesy and thanks to Zach Ludolph) 

Mill Pond

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park

Drake Long -tailed Duck, photo by Barbara Schelke

Saturday, January 27, 2024

BBC Marine Park Walk Jan 27th

Leader Chris Laskowski

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. "

Camille Pissarro,19th c artist, father of Impressionism

Northern Harrier photod by Marisa Hernandez 

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Date: Sat, Jan 27, 2024, 4:22 PM
Subject: Marine Park Walk
To: Peter Dorosh <

Hi Peter,

I had the pleasure of birding with a very fun and friendly group today!  There were 17 of us in total.  We managed to get a nice variety of waterfowl including the Eurasian Wigeon Hybrid.  A small flock of Tree Swallows and hearing a Ring-necked Pheasant where some of the other highlights.  Thanks again everyone especially the drivers Tristen, Dan and Joe.  

Here is our list and a group pic

Monday, January 22, 2024

Fwd: Trip report: Harlequin Dreaming at the Jersey Shore, January 13-14

Leader and report writer: Ryan Goldberg


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From: Ryan Goldberg <>
Date: Mon, Jan 22, 2024, 11:10 AM
Subject: Trip report: Harlequin Dreaming at the Jersey Shore, January 13-14
To: Peter Dorosh <>

Hi Peter,

We had an outstanding overnight trip to the Jersey Shore on the weekend of January 13-14, ranging from ocean and bay to freshwater to farm fields and grasslands. Oh, and Pine Barren subdivisions to see the long-staying Red-flanked Bluetail, the first of its kind to show up in the eastern U.S. There were 12 of us, and for most of the group, these were new places for them. Our total tally for the weekend was 76 species, which for a mid-January weekend is a lot. Credit to everyone who stuck through some challenging conditions and long drives, without complaint, like dense fog on Saturday and wind and frigid temperatures on Sunday.

Saturday we started at Barnegat Lighthouse, which had a great variety of shorebirds for winter (Willet, Red Knot, and Least Sandpiper were unusual), plus the trademark birds we hoped to see: Harlequin Ducks, Razorbills, Common Eiders, all the scoters. After lunch, it was off to see the Red-flanked Bluetail, which came out after about 10 minutes. Then to Manasquan Reservoir, where we saw common and hooded mergansers, lesser and greater scaup, and its nesting pair of bald eagles. Bald eagles, in fact, were at almost every stop we made that weekend. Of course, it wouldn't be a Jersey Shore trip without Italian food, so that night we dined at Vic's Italian-American Restaurant in Bradley Beach.

Here are our eBird checklists with photos from Saturday:

Sunday we started at Sandy Hook, which had been flooded the day before. We stuck to the ocean in the morning and witnessed a fantastic movement of scoters and razorbills. Bonaparte's gulls were also on the move, as were Northern Gannets. After lunch, we checked the farm fields of Monmouth County for a pink-footed goose (no luck), in advance of going to Dorbrook Recreation Area, a county park, to see the short-eared owls that turned up there in early January. Dorbrook is  a great spot, though underappreciated and underbirded. Though there are small grasslands here (grasshopper sparrows breed there in summer), this is not a usual spot for shorties. Sunset was a little after 4:50, but by then, there was no owl. We did get to see a small flock of bluebirds fly over and a meadowlark. As we were ready to leave, a volunteer from Dorbrook (one or two people have been on hand to stop photographers from entering the grasslands) told us that one shortie had come out the prior day at 5:10. OK, so we'll wait a little longer. 5:11, nothing, 5:12, nothing. It had been a long weekend. One third of the group had already departed. As the rest of us turned and slowly trudged back toward the cars, we hadn't gone 50 yards before those volunteers waved us back. One shortie was up, its underside glowing in the last light of the day. It glided low over the grasses toward us, then dropped down after two minutes. It was a great way to end the trip.

Here are our eBird checklists from Sunday:

Attached to this email, if you can include them in the post, are some group shots from Barnegat and the bluetail stakeout. Barnegat was foggy when we arrived (as you'll see), with huge waves rolling through the inlet itself and crashing over the near jetty, but the sun broke through by mid-morning and it was downright beautiful.


Monday, January 8, 2024


Purple Sandpiper with Sanderling , photo by Forrest W.

Leader Peter Dorosh

Checklists courtesy of Forrest W and Zach L. West End

Note: A good shorebird day with 10 Marbled Godwits at lot 10 the highlight. Plus Razorbills at West End.

Ruddy Turnstone at lot 10 pier, photod by Forrest W.

Harlequin Duck at West End Jetty , Photod by Forrest W.

" Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot,the only home we've ever known"

                                                                            --Carl Sagan

Friday, January 5, 2024


leaders Mike Yuan& Doug Gochfeld

Results of BBC nightwatch at BBP pier 1
highlights : American Woodcock, Lesser Nlack backed Gull, hybrid Black headed gull x Ring billed Gull.

We had a terrific evening visit to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Thank you to all for joining and providing excellent company in the chilly night. Truly special looks at the woodcock, and an ultra-rare gull to boot!

Full trip report with photos:

" Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot,the only home we've ever known"

                                                                            --Carl Sagan

Monday, January 1, 2024

Fwd: new year's day bbc walk in pp Jan 1st 2024

Thanks to Karen Ohearn leading the traditional NYDs walk.

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. "

Camille Pissarro,19th c artist, father of Impressionism


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Date: Mon, Jan 1, 2024, 2:34 PM
Subject: new year's day bbc walk in pp
To: Peter Dorosh <>

Sunday, December 24, 2023


All photos taken by Russ Comeau

Christmas BBC walk led by peter d.

A lovely walk with good cheer                                             

List compiled by Lisa Curtiss.                                                     

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 11, 2023